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    Featured Newson6 – Sharon Holm – Tulsa Wedding & Design

    One of Tulsa Wedding Society’s premiere wedding planners was featured on Channel 6 News on Six.

    Our very own Sharon Holm, of Tulsa Weddings & Design, met with Kaitlynn Deggs of Channel 6 and discussed the upcoming 2023 year.

    Below is a transcript of that featured story by Deggs with Sharon.

    Oklahoma Wedding Planners Prepare For Busiest Time Of Year (newson6.com)


    Wedding planners are getting ready for what they say is the busiest time of year.
    The time between Thanksgiving and New Year is when the most engagements happen.

    That surge means wedding planners see more couples coming through their doors.

    "Typically next week is when we'll see our busiest outpour when everybody is back to work, they have shared all the news with their friends and family, and now they're ready to jump into the wedding planning," said Sharon Holm, the Owner of Tulsa Weddings and Design.
    Holm said the first step of wedding planning should be getting the guest list nailed down.
    "Once you have that guest list made, then you have to talk to everyone who is going to be involved with the budget, and establish a budget that is fair, that you guys can work within," said Holm.

    She said that even though many of the people who got engaged before the pandemic were married this year, some venues are still booked up.

    "If you are looking at a 2023 wedding date, please note that most Saturdays at venues have been reserved for a while, part of that is due to COVID, but also look at other dates of the week,” said Holm. “I didn't think many people would come to a Wednesday wedding at noon, but they show up, and they come."

    Holm also wants couples to consider how inflation could impact their big day, and to be prepared during their planning.

    "Travelling, having your guests come in, hotels, everything has increased, and does not look like it's going to go down anytime soon,” Holm said. “Many prices will go up for 2023."

    One of the best ways to tackle the rise in prices is to cut down the number of people who are on the guest list.

    "Don't be afraid to make those hard choices and decisions to make sure your budget stretches that you want and that you have the wedding day you envision," said Holm.

    While couples often feel a sense of urgency before the big day, Holm said to try to slow down and take it one step at a time and enjoy the process.

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    Visit The Steel Barn Event Center

    Title: Visit us at The Steel Barn Event Center

    Location is an important part of choosing your venue. Too many twists and turns, driving through construction, detours, and more, are all things to consider when choosing your venue.

    The Steel Barn Event Center is conveniently located in Talala off Highway 169, not far from Tulsa, Bartlesville, Stillwater, Claremore, and the surrounding states. The Steel Barn offers both an inside/outside ceremony option as well as complimentary decor to use on your special day. Take a look at their website to see for yourself that they are thoughtfully priced, offer amazing amenities, and while you are there, schedule a tour.


    The Steel Barn Event Center

    The Steel Barn
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    What advice would you give a couple trying to decide whether hiring a wedding planner is within their means?

    Sharon headshot

    Naturally, we are great proponents of hiring a wedding planner to reduce stress on the couple and their family when it comes to planning the wedding. Are you concerned that hiring a planner would break the bank? One of the most widespread misunderstandings about using a wedding planner is this one. Many people believe that hiring a wedding planner will raise the stakes and increase the cost of the big day. It turns out that the situation is reversed: a wedding planner will frequently help keep things under control and ensure that you get the most for your money. It's my responsibility to manage your budget, negotiate prices, and assist you with important financial decisions.

    With the aid of a wedding planner, we can help keep you and your partner accountable when it comes to your budget.

    Next, calculate how much your peace of mind is worth. - Realizing that a professional, not a friend or family member, is handling the money you are spending on your wedding. The couple's entire vision may be ruined if they choose someone who is easily distracted or does not completely get the mechanics of all the vendors working together as a team.

    Last but not least, a wedding planner might not always concur with you, but that's only because they want to make sure you're choosing the ideal things for your special day. Naturally, a good planner will endeavor to realize your dreams. However, it is the planner's duty to intervene if you are making an impulsive decision or a decision that may lead to logistical problems in the future. A planner is essentially your voice of reason. And frequently aids in resolving a disagreement when weighing the advantages and disadvantages.

    Sharon Holm
    Tulsa Weddings & Design