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    How to select the right officiant for you.

    The couple begins planning the wedding attire, the wedding party, the flowers, the venue/location, the wedding cakes, the food, and so much more! Then we realize that we must select the right officiant for our ceremony. This is the individual that is going to “marry” us!

    These hints and recommendations will make the process of finding the ideal officiant for your event easier as the officiant is the one that can legally marry you,

    1. Consult the pastor, priest, or rabbi at the church or other place of worship for information on the rules of the location. Are you a member of this religious house/church or has this stunning site been a dream of yours ever since you were a little girl? Before booking an outside officiant, ask them first!

    2. Should I select a male or female officiant? Discuss your partner's or fiancée's preferences as well. Doesn't that seem a little quaint? Keep in mind that the officiant will recite the vows to each of you in front of your guests. Decide if a man or female is more appropriate for you. In either case, a male or female officiant is there to recite the vows that focus on you!

    3. How do I select if I know no one? Check out trustworthy websites like Tulsa Wedding Society, or inquire with family and friends to see if they recently attended a wedding and can recommend anyone. To find the person that best matches you, check out their websites, and reviews, and speak or meet with them first.

    4. What should I bring up with the celebrant when we first meet? Learn about one another! Is the officiant curious about how you two met? Is the officiant speaking confidently or hesitantly with you? As you get to know one another, you'll realize that you two have a unique "connection"! Inquire with the officiant about prior indoor or outdoor weddings they have officiated. If you're unsure, tell the celebrant what you want to see in your wedding vows or, if they have any samples, ask.

    5. But what if you want a relative or acquaintance to do the ceremony? Do they have any previous officiating experience? Are they authorized to officiate at lawful weddings by the state and have they received the necessary training? Will there be awkward moments at your wedding? Once upon a time, a father desired to officiate, but when he arrived at the altar, he was overtaken with emotion to the point where the attention was now on him as he had trouble saying the vows. After reading the vows, a couple decided against having their friend officiate because they were "canned" and did not reflect them as a couple or an individual. The vows were too personal when the friend modified them!

    When you are certain that this is the one, reserve the date with the officiant! However, don't wait too long as they might already be scheduled since this officiant might be quite well-liked. Obtain a contract and pay the relevant fees.

    Officiants are legal representatives that want to marry you and be a part of this magical day as you join your lives together.
    Want an elite officiant, check out the link below!

    Tulsa Wedding Society Officiants

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    Visit The Steel Barn Event Center

    Title: Visit us at The Steel Barn Event Center

    Location is an important part of choosing your venue. Too many twists and turns, driving through construction, detours, and more, are all things to consider when choosing your venue.

    The Steel Barn Event Center is conveniently located in Talala off Highway 169, not far from Tulsa, Bartlesville, Stillwater, Claremore, and the surrounding states. The Steel Barn offers both an inside/outside ceremony option as well as complimentary decor to use on your special day. Take a look at their website to see for yourself that they are thoughtfully priced, offer amazing amenities, and while you are there, schedule a tour.


    The Steel Barn Event Center

    The Steel Barn
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    Five Steps of Wedding Planning

    First 5 Steps of Wedding Planning
    XO Event Co.

    Congratulations on this exciting, whirlwind occasion! We know how easy it can be to be swept up in all of the little details, so let us help you figure out a few key items before you and your sweetheart decide on a date.


    Decide upon our budget. Numerous judgments will be aided by the budget's design. Who is responsible for covering certain costs (parents, grandparents, etc.)?

    Determine what matters to you the most and how much money you want to spend.

    Food, flowers, a venue, alcohol, cake, décor rentals, photography and videography, and invitations. *Hair/Make-up, Songs/entertainment, a honeymoon, and clothing.

    Visit this site for a great budget tip sheet. https://www.xoeventco.com/budget-sheet

    Consider your wedding or reception's theme, such as modern, bohemian, classic, or western. Are kids permitted? Is the clothing formal or informal? Is the ceremony small-scale or elaborate? Talk to your fiancé about the dreams you share.

    Time to compile a guest list! Start out easy! Make 2 columns for guests of the bride and guests of the groom. Are there any additional guests to the invited party? When looking at venues, consider the number of guests.

    What time, when, and where will your ceremony be? When: Consider the season you are yearning for! Choose the season, then check your calendars to see if any other events coincide with it. Where: Will the ceremony take place in the city or somewhere else? Keep in mind that this is your special day, but can your visitor travel easily and affordably? When is it? Do you want the ceremony at dusk or is it a daytime wedding?

    Consult a planner! Planners have experience working with you and your budget, plus they are experts in this area, which is a bonus! Find out more about how a planner may assist you in realizing your dreams by speaking with them.

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    What advice would you give a couple trying to decide whether hiring a wedding planner is within their means?

    Sharon headshot

    Naturally, we are great proponents of hiring a wedding planner to reduce stress on the couple and their family when it comes to planning the wedding. Are you concerned that hiring a planner would break the bank? One of the most widespread misunderstandings about using a wedding planner is this one. Many people believe that hiring a wedding planner will raise the stakes and increase the cost of the big day. It turns out that the situation is reversed: a wedding planner will frequently help keep things under control and ensure that you get the most for your money. It's my responsibility to manage your budget, negotiate prices, and assist you with important financial decisions.

    With the aid of a wedding planner, we can help keep you and your partner accountable when it comes to your budget.

    Next, calculate how much your peace of mind is worth. - Realizing that a professional, not a friend or family member, is handling the money you are spending on your wedding. The couple's entire vision may be ruined if they choose someone who is easily distracted or does not completely get the mechanics of all the vendors working together as a team.

    Last but not least, a wedding planner might not always concur with you, but that's only because they want to make sure you're choosing the ideal things for your special day. Naturally, a good planner will endeavor to realize your dreams. However, it is the planner's duty to intervene if you are making an impulsive decision or a decision that may lead to logistical problems in the future. A planner is essentially your voice of reason. And frequently aids in resolving a disagreement when weighing the advantages and disadvantages.

    Sharon Holm
    Tulsa Weddings & Design

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    Meet Tabor & Emily Warren – Tabor Warren Photography

    Tabor Warren

    Hey, there!
    Tabor here– First of all, congratulations on your engagement!!! I am thrilled that you are looking to make this the best time of your life, and want to do everything I can to help make that happen!

    A bit about me, I bust out “amazing” dad jokes on the fly, am always up for a foosball challenge, am very competitive, love all sports, and listen to music or podcasts at least 12 hours a day. I’m also an avid reader, guitarist, and outside enthusiast!

    I was born and raised in Tulsa, Was a lifer at Jenks, and went to OSU-Stillwater for my undergraduate and graduate work in Veterinary Medicine.

    I love being raw and prefer when people tell it how it is. When it comes to engagement and wedding photography, I am an open book and am committed to making sure every photo-related aspect I come across becomes the timeless heirloom quality your story deserves.

    Emily Warren

    Hey there, guys!
    I’m Emily– born and raised in Tulsa with a five-year detour in Stillwater, OK (Go Pokes!)

    On a standard day, you can find me at home, snuggling one of my six kiddos and throwing back cup loads of coffee.

    Photographing weddings and families are my specialty, but I also have a background in accounting. Handy, right?

    I’m a lover of lists, Harry Potter, sports (particularly football and basketball), The Office, vacations, and good conversation.

    I’d absolutely love to connect with you and figure out how we can serve you! Chances are, if you click the “Contact” button, I will be the one on the other end. 🙂

    Be the best Bride you can be with the Tulsa Wedding Society. Let TWS make your day! 

    Tabor & Emily Warren, Tabor Warren Photography - 2022 Tulsa Wedding Society President