A Note from Tulsa Wedding Society

Wedding – Aaron & Alix

June 11, 2022


Photos by:  Doug and Ashley Photography

The lawyer and the teacher.

Two different families and lives coming together to form one. One of the most incredible couples we have ever worked with is Aaron & Alix!

The couple exchanged vows and sealed their union at Sperry, Oklahoma's stunning Springs Event Venue, despite the early summer heat. Aaron kept grinning and pacing as he waited to see his future wife.

The moment Aaron saw his bride, Alix, the anticipation was finally over.

Aaron, Alix, and their kids made a unique glass frame, and vows were made.
The celebration got underway once the vows were exchanged!


Featured Tulsa Wedding Society Members:

Mr. & Mrs. Hughes

Cakes by Ludger's Bavarian Bakery

Officiant: Green Country Wedding Minister Cathy Mack

Doug & Ashley Photography