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    Five Steps of Wedding Planning

    First 5 Steps of Wedding Planning
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    Congratulations on this exciting, whirlwind occasion! We know how easy it can be to be swept up in all of the little details, so let us help you figure out a few key items before you and your sweetheart decide on a date.


    Decide upon our budget. Numerous judgments will be aided by the budget's design. Who is responsible for covering certain costs (parents, grandparents, etc.)?

    Determine what matters to you the most and how much money you want to spend.

    Food, flowers, a venue, alcohol, cake, décor rentals, photography and videography, and invitations. *Hair/Make-up, Songs/entertainment, a honeymoon, and clothing.

    Visit this site for a great budget tip sheet. https://www.xoeventco.com/budget-sheet

    Consider your wedding or reception's theme, such as modern, bohemian, classic, or western. Are kids permitted? Is the clothing formal or informal? Is the ceremony small-scale or elaborate? Talk to your fiancé about the dreams you share.

    Time to compile a guest list! Start out easy! Make 2 columns for guests of the bride and guests of the groom. Are there any additional guests to the invited party? When looking at venues, consider the number of guests.

    What time, when, and where will your ceremony be? When: Consider the season you are yearning for! Choose the season, then check your calendars to see if any other events coincide with it. Where: Will the ceremony take place in the city or somewhere else? Keep in mind that this is your special day, but can your visitor travel easily and affordably? When is it? Do you want the ceremony at dusk or is it a daytime wedding?

    Consult a planner! Planners have experience working with you and your budget, plus they are experts in this area, which is a bonus! Find out more about how a planner may assist you in realizing your dreams by speaking with them.