Timeless Wedding Planning

By TWS | 10/11/2023

A timeless wedding is an event that exudes a sense of classic, enduring elegance. It’s a celebration that transcends current trends and fads, creating an atmosphere and experience that could have been just as beautiful decades ago as it is today. **Define Your Vision:** – Begin by envisioning what “timeless” means to you. Do you prefer a traditional, classic wedding or a vintage, retro style? Understanding your vision is the first step in planning a timeless wedding. **Select a Classic Color Palette:** – Choose a color scheme that is classic and neutral. Ivory, white, black, gold, and shades of pastel are timeless choices. These colors never go out of style. **Choose an Elegant Venue:** – Select a venue that has timeless architectural features. Consider historic estates, ballrooms, botanical gardens, or even a picturesque outdoor setting. **Timeless Attire:** – Select wedding attire that is classic and sophisticated. A simple, elegant wedding dress for the bride and a classic suit or tuxedo for the groom work well. Bridesmaids and groomsmen should complement the overall theme. **Traditional Invitations:** – Choose wedding invitations with classic fonts, simple designs, and quality paper. Avoid overly trendy or elaborate designs. **Beautiful Flowers:** – Stick to classic flower choices like roses, peonies, lilies, or hydrangeas. Keep floral arrangements understated and elegant. **Time-Honored Ceremony:** – Consider a traditional wedding ceremony with timeless elements like exchanging vows, ring exchange, and classic music selections. A religious ceremony in a church often carries a timeless quality. **Live Music:** – Consider hiring a live band or classical musicians for the reception. Live music never goes out of style and adds an elegant touch. **Classic Decor:** – Use decor elements that are classic and understated. Crystal chandeliers, candles, and simple table settings can create a timeless atmosphere. **Candlelight:** – Incorporate candles for lighting. Candlelight creates a romantic and timeless ambiance. **Timeless Photography:** – Invest in a professional photographer to capture your day. Timeless photos will ensure your memories last forever. **Personal Touches:** – Add personal elements that represent your story and relationship. These touches are timeless because they are unique to you. **Traditional Wedding Cake:** – Opt for a classic and simple wedding cake. A white, multi-tiered cake with elegant details is a timeless choice. **Timeless Favors:** – If you want to provide wedding favors, choose items that are universally appreciated and timeless, such as small potted plants, engraved photo frames, or classic candies. **Minimalistic Wedding Registry:** – Register for classic and practical items that you’ll use for years to come, rather than trendy gadgets or decor. **Gracious Etiquette:** – Maintain timeless etiquette and manners throughout the planning and execution of your wedding. Being gracious and considerate is always in style. **Classic Transportation:** – Consider using a vintage car or horse-drawn carriage as transportation, adding a touch of elegance and timelessness. **Focus on Love:** – Ultimately, a timeless wedding is one that is filled with love and the celebration of the commitment you’re making. Keep this at the forefront of your planning. Tulsa Wedding Society

Flower Girl/Boy – Consider a teenager/adult!

By TWS | 10/02/2023

What fun than to have a Petal King or Queen to embrace the traditional role of a flower girl or boy! Using a teenager or adult as a flower girl or flower boy can be a delightful and unique twist on the traditional role, adding an element of fun and humor to your wedding ceremony. Here are some reasons why you might consider this choice and how it can bring a lighthearted and enjoyable atmosphere to your special day: **Nostalgia and Humor:** Having a teenager or adult in the role of a flower girl or boy can create a humorous and nostalgic moment. It brings laughter and smiles to your guests. **Personal Connection:** You might choose someone older for this role because they hold a special place in your heart. It could be a close friend or family member who has always been a source of joy and fun in your life. **Confidence and Poise:** Older flower girls or boys may exude confidence and poise, which can add a unique charm to the role. They can confidently walk down the aisle, interact with guests, and make the role their own. **Entertainment Factor:** Depending on the personality of the person you choose, they may decide to add their own playful spin to the role. They might scatter petals with enthusiasm, perform a dance routine, or do something unexpected that entertains your guests. **Inclusivity:** This choice can also be inclusive of older family members or friends who may not have had a specific role in the wedding otherwise. It allows you to involve them in a meaningful way. **Photo Opportunities:** Unique and fun moments like this can result in memorable and entertaining photos that you’ll cherish for years to come. However, there are a few things to keep in mind: 1. Discuss Expectations: Have a conversation with the person you choose for this role to ensure they’re comfortable with the idea and understand what you’d like them to do during the ceremony. 2. Coordinate Attire: Consider coordinating their attire with the theme and style of your wedding. It can be traditional, whimsical, or anything that suits your vision. 3. Balance with Tradition: While adding fun elements to your wedding is great, make sure that it aligns with the overall tone and style you want to achieve for your ceremony. Using a teenager or adult as a flower girl or boy can be a wonderful way to infuse your wedding with humor, personality, and a sense of celebration. It’s all about making your special day reflect your unique love story and personalities.

Autumn Wedding Tips

By TWS | 09/25/2023

Planning a fall wedding can be a truly magical experience. One of the first decisions to make is selecting the right venue that showcases the natural beauty of the season, like a charming rustic barn, a picturesque vineyard, or a garden adorned with colorful foliage. Check out Tulsa Wedding Society’s beautiful venues: Venues Venues Embrace the warm, earthy colors of autumn in your wedding palette, incorporating deep reds, oranges, burgundies, and olive greens. To set the mood, use seasonal decor elements such as pumpkins, gourds, leaves, and candles. Flowers Flowers Want that special look? Check out these amazing hair/make-up for your special day! Hair & Make Up Hair/Make Up Artists Tulsa Wedding Society can even provide you with the best professional officiant to create those magical ceremony vows! Officiants Officiants As fall evenings can get chilly, consider providing blankets and shawls for your guests to stay warm and cozy during the ceremony and reception. When it comes to flowers, choose seasonal blooms like dahlias, sunflowers, mums, and marigolds, and complement them with natural textures like twigs and berries. The Tulsa Wedding Society professionals are the best in assisting you in this magical day! Wedding Planning & Coordination Planners & Day of Coordinators Your menu should feature fall flavors, including roasted root vegetables, hearty soups, apple cider, and pumpkin pie. Autumn colors on the cake, how tasty! What amazing caterers and cake designers Tulsa Wedding Society has! Cakes & Catering Cakes & Catering Create signature fall cocktails and consider fall-themed favors like homemade jam or caramel apples. Platinum Event Services Platinum Event Services can certainly create those wonderful cocktails! Don’t forget to have a backup plan for unpredictable weather, and consider wedding attire that suits the season. Use warm, soft lighting and draping for a romantic atmosphere. Who better than Tulsa Wedding Society’s Draperies & Lighting Soft Touch Draping Take advantage of the stunning fall foliage for your photos. PhotographyPhotography Lastly, plan your timeline with the earlier sunset in mind and choose music that complements the cozy ambiance. Music & Entertainment Music & Entertainment Incorporating these elements will ensure your fall wedding is a beautiful and memorable occasion for all. Tulsa Wedding Society

Glam Up Your Wedding Day with Professional Hair and Makeup Artists

By TWS | 09/17/2023

When it comes to your wedding day, hiring professional hair and makeup artists can make a significant difference in ensuring you look and feel your best. Here are some tips for brides working with professionals for their wedding day hair and makeup: 1. Book a Trial Run: Before the big day, schedule a trial run with your chosen hair and makeup artists. This will give you the opportunity to discuss your vision, try different looks, and make any necessary adjustments. 2. Bring Inspiration Photos: Collect pictures of hair and makeup styles you like and share them with your artists. This will help them understand your preferences and create a look that suits your vision. 3. Plan Ahead: Schedule your hair and makeup appointments well in advance to secure your preferred professionals. Also, ensure they have a clear timeline for the day to avoid any last-minute stress. 4. Consider Your Dress and Venue: Keep your wedding dress and venue in mind when choosing your hair and makeup styles. They should complement each other and reflect the overall theme of your wedding. 5. Discuss Your Skin Type and Concerns: Be honest with your makeup artist about your skin type and any specific concerns you have (e.g., allergies, acne, sensitivity). They can use products that are suitable for your skin and address any issues effectively. 6. Opt for Long-Lasting Makeup: Wedding days can be long, so choose makeup products that are long-wearing and waterproof to ensure your look lasts throughout the day and night. 7. Test Makeup for Flash Photography: Makeup can look different in photos than in person. Ensure your makeup artist uses products that are photo-friendly and won’t cause flashbacks in pictures. 8. Coordinate with Your Bridal Party: If your bridal party is also getting their hair and makeup done, coordinate with your artists to create a cohesive look that ties everyone together while still highlighting your individuality as the bride. 9. Don’t Forget About Touch-Up Kits: Ask your makeup artist for a touch-up kit with essential products like lipstick, blotting papers, and setting spray to keep your makeup fresh throughout the day. 10. Stay Hydrated and Get Plenty of Rest: In the days leading up to your wedding, make sure you’re well-rested and properly hydrated. This will help your skin look its best and ensure you’re feeling your most radiant on your big day. 11. Trust Your Professionals: Remember that you’ve hired professionals for a reason. Trust their expertise and let them work their magic. Be open to their suggestions while still communicating your preferences. 12. Plan a Pre-Wedding Beauty Routine: In the weeks leading up to your wedding, follow a skincare and haircare routine recommended by your professionals to ensure your skin and hair are in the best possible condition. Working closely with your hair and makeup professionals, you’ll be well-prepared to look stunning and confident on your wedding day. Communication and preparation are key to achieving the bridal look of your dreams. Tulsa Wedding Society has the best! Primp Hair& Makeup Studio Faccia Bella

Tips to locating that perfect venue

By TWS | 09/05/2023

Locating the perfect wedding venue is a crucial step in planning your special day. Here are some tips to help you find the ideal wedding venue: 1. Determine your budget: Before you start your search, establish a clear budget for your wedding. Knowing how much you can afford will help you narrow down your options and prevent you from falling in love with a venue that’s out of your price range. 2. Define your wedding style: Consider the style and theme you want for your wedding. Whether it’s rustic, modern, beach, garden, or something else entirely, having a clear vision will help you focus your search on venues that align with your desired aesthetic. 3. Create a guest list: Know how many guests you plan to invite. A venue that can comfortably accommodate your guest count is essential. You don’t want the space to feel overcrowded or too spacious. 4. Choose a location: Decide on the general location or region where you want to hold your wedding. Consider whether you want it to be near where you live, your hometown, a destination, or a specific type of setting (e.g., countryside, urban, beach). 5. Research online: Start your search by looking at wedding venue websites, wedding directories, and social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration. Many venues have virtual tours or photo galleries that can give you a good sense of their ambiance. 6. Seek recommendations: Ask friends, family members, and colleagues for recommendations. They may have attended weddings at great venues or know of hidden gems. 7. Attend bridal shows and expos: Bridal shows and wedding expos often feature various vendors, including venues. These events can be a great way to see multiple options in one place and gather information. 8. Read reviews and testimonials: Look for reviews on websites like Yelp, and Google, or wedding-specific platforms like The Knot or WeddingWire. Reviews from past couples can provide valuable insights into a venue’s quality and service. 9. Schedule site visits: Once you’ve identified potential venues, schedule site visits to see them in person. This will help you get a feel for the space, assess its condition, and ask questions to the venue coordinator. 10. Consider logistics: Think about the practical aspects, such as parking, accessibility for all guests, proximity to hotels for out-of-town guests, and any restrictions or rules imposed by the venue. 11. Ask about in-house services: Some venues offer in-house catering, decor, or other services. Inquiring about these options can simplify your planning process and potentially save you money. 12. Negotiate the contract: When you find a venue you love, negotiate the contract terms, including pricing, payment schedules, cancellation policies, and any additional fees. Ensure all details are in writing. 13. Visit during your preferred season: If possible, visit the venue during the season you plan to have your wedding. This will give you a better idea of how the space looks and feels at that time of year. 14. Trust your instincts: Ultimately, choose a venue that feels right to you and aligns with your vision for your wedding day. Trust your instincts and don’t rush the decision. Tulsa Wedding Society has top-notch wedding venues! Glass Chapel The Steel Barn Event Center Margaritaville The Lodge at Bridal Creek

Traditional Wedding Symbolism

By TWS | 09/01/2023

The tradition of wearing “something borrowed, something blue, something old, and something new” is a popular wedding superstition that dates back centuries. This old rhyme is often recited by brides and is meant to bring good luck and happiness to the marriage. Each item symbolizes a different aspect of the bride’s future life: 1. **Something Old**: This item represents continuity and the bride’s connection to her past and her family. It’s often something that has sentimental value, like a family heirloom, a piece of jewelry, or a keepsake from a loved one. 2. **Something New**: This item symbolizes optimism and hope for the future. It’s meant to represent the couple’s new life together and the new experiences they will share. The new item could be the bride’s wedding dress, shoes, or any accessory that’s acquired specifically for the wedding. 3. **Something Borrowed**: This item is meant to symbolize borrowed happiness. The idea is to borrow something from a happily married friend or family member, transferring their good luck and happiness to the bride. This item could be anything from a piece of jewelry to a decorative item. 4. **Something Blue**: Blue has been associated with weddings for centuries, as it represents fidelity, love, and purity. Incorporating something blue into the bride’s attire is believed to bring faithfulness and loyalty to the marriage. This could be a blue garter, a blue ribbon sewn into the dress, or even blue jewelry. The rhyme itself is believed to have originated in England during the Victorian era, although similar customs can be found in various cultures around the world. The specific items and their meanings may vary slightly from culture to culture, but the underlying idea of incorporating these symbolic elements into the bride’s attire remains consistent. Overall, the tradition of wearing “something borrowed, something blue, something old, and something new” adds a touch of sentimentality and symbolism to the wedding day, connecting the bride to her past, present, and future as she embarks on a new chapter in her life.

Acquiring the Services of a Skilled Officiant

By TWS | 08/28/2023

Hiring a professional officiant for a significant event, such as a wedding, can offer several benefits that contribute to the overall success and meaningfulness of the occasion. Here are some reasons why you might consider hiring a professional officiant: 1. **Expertise and Experience:** Professional officiants have experience in conducting ceremonies and are skilled at guiding the flow of the event. They know how to set the right tone, keep the ceremony on track, and handle unexpected situations that might arise. 2. **Personalization:** A professional officiant can work with you to create a customized ceremony that reflects your values, beliefs, and preferences. They can help you incorporate meaningful rituals, readings, and vows that resonate with you as a couple. 3. **Legal Knowledge:** Officiating a wedding involves navigating legal requirements, such as obtaining the necessary permits and ensuring the marriage license is properly completed and filed. Professional officiants are familiar with these legal aspects and can help ensure that all the necessary paperwork is in order. 4. **Public Speaking:** An experienced officiant is comfortable with public speaking and can deliver your ceremony in a clear, confident, and engaging manner. This helps keep your guests attentive and enhances the overall atmosphere of the event. 5. **Neutral Presence:** If you have friends or family members who are not ordained but want to be part of your ceremony, hiring a professional officiant can be a neutral choice. This avoids potential conflicts and ensures a smooth and inclusive experience for everyone involved. 6. **Reduced Stress:** Planning a wedding can be stressful, and having a professional officiant who knows what they’re doing can alleviate some of that stress. They can handle the ceremony logistics, allowing you to focus on other aspects of the event. 7. **Backup Plan:** Professional officiants usually have a backup plan in case of unexpected circumstances, such as illness or emergencies. This ensures that your ceremony can proceed smoothly even if the unexpected happens. 8. **Ceremony Structure:** Officiants can help you structure the ceremony in a way that maintains a good pace, includes all necessary elements, and flows seamlessly from one part to the next. 9. **Respectful and Inclusive:** A professional officiant is experienced in working with diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and traditions. They can ensure that your ceremony is respectful and inclusive for all attendees. 10. **Focal Point:** A professional officiant serves as a focal point for your ceremony, guiding the attention of your guests and facilitating a meaningful experience for everyone present. While having a friend or family member officiate might have its own sentimental value, a professional officiant brings expertise, organization, and a polished presence to your event. Ultimately, the decision depends on your preferences, priorities, and the type of ceremony you envision. Discover TWS Officiants, each offering a distinct touch, to craft a wedding ceremony that perfectly aligns with your desires. Green Country Wedding Minister Marquee Services, llc

Groom’s Cake!!

By TWS | 08/21/2023

Are you contemplating the inclusion of a “groom’s” cake or a cake that reflects a particular interest during your reception? Wondering if it’s a necessity? Well, the answer is simple: No, it’s a matter of personal preference. Some couples don’t prioritize it, while others absolutely do. Additionally, some couples, with a smaller guest list, may opt to forego the “groom’s” cake to allocate more space for the wedding cake size they desire. So, if you’re inclined towards one, that’s wonderful! From sheet cakes to intricately sculpted 3D creations, keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be limited to a traditional cake. If your fiancé has a penchant for cookies, consider a cookie cake or perhaps a brownie cake. Alternatively, if pie is their favorite, why not go for pie? There’s no rule dictating that you must have anything beyond the main wedding cake. Your wedding reception serves as a canvas to showcase your shared preferences. If you both adore donuts, you can have donuts instead or even a cake crafted to resemble a giant donut. Feel free to share your cake vision with me through photos or collaborate to design a unique creation. Let your personalities, interests, and hobbies shine through your cake, allowing your wedding guests to get a glimpse of your unique connection. Ms. Laura’s Cakes

Want elegance? Draping is the perfect look!

By TWS | 08/14/2023

Soft Touch Draping Draping is often used at weddings for decorative and aesthetic purposes. It involves the use of fabric, typically in the form of elegant drapes or curtains, to create a visually appealing and atmospheric environment. Draping can serve several purposes at a wedding: 1. **Enhanced Ambiance:** Draping can transform a plain or ordinary space into a luxurious and romantic setting. It adds depth, texture, and color to the venue, enhancing the overall ambiance and creating a more intimate and inviting atmosphere. 2. **Backdrop for Ceremony:** Draping can be used as a backdrop for various wedding ceremonies, such as the exchange of vows, unity ceremonies, or altar setups. The drapes can frame the focal point of the ceremony, drawing attention to the couple and creating a picturesque scene for the guests and photographers. 3. **Aesthetic Appeal:** Draping adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the wedding decor. It can be tailored to match the theme, color scheme, and overall design of the wedding, making it a versatile choice for various wedding styles, from classic and traditional to modern and contemporary. 4. **Concealing Unwanted Elements:** Draping can be used strategically to hide any unsightly or less appealing elements of the venue, such as unattractive walls, fixtures, or equipment. This helps create a more cohesive and visually pleasing environment. 5. **Defining Spaces:** Draping can be used to segment different areas within a larger venue, such as creating a separate area for the reception, cocktail hour, or dance floor. This division can help guide guests through the various stages of the wedding and provide a sense of structure to the event. 6. **Personalization:** Draping can be customized with various fabrics, colors, and patterns to match the couple’s preferences and wedding theme. This level of personalization can add a unique touch to the event, making it stand out and reflecting the couple’s personality and style. 7. **Photography Opportunities:** Draped backdrops can provide beautiful settings for wedding photos. The softness and texture of the fabric can create a stunning backdrop for portraits, group photos, and candid shots. 8. **Focal Point:** Draping can be used to draw attention to certain areas, such as the head table, cake table, or sweetheart table. By using drapes in these areas, you can make them stand out and create a sense of importance. 9. **Lighting Enhancement:** Draping can work in harmony with lighting elements, such as string lights, fairy lights, or chandeliers. The fabric can help diffuse and reflect the light, creating a warm and magical ambiance. Overall, draping is a versatile and effective way to transform a wedding venue into a beautiful and captivating space that aligns with the couple’s vision for their special day. It’s an artistic and creative element that adds depth, texture, and elegance to the overall wedding decor. Soft Touch Draping Email: Phone: 918-494-5800

Elevate Your Wedding with Captivating Music Entertainment

By TWS | 08/06/2023

A wedding is a joyous celebration of love, and one of the key elements that can truly enhance the ambiance and create lasting memories is the choice of music and entertainment. Music/Entertainment with your musical selection can set the tone, energize your guests, and create an unforgettable experience. DJ Services: A professional DJ can bring a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere to your wedding. They have an extensive collection of songs and can seamlessly mix and transition between tracks, ensuring a continuous flow of music that keeps everyone on the dance floor. DJs often have experience in reading the crowd and can adjust the playlist based on the energy and preferences of your guests. Discuss your preferred music styles, specific songs, and any do-not-play requests with your DJ to personalize the experience. Song Selection and Personalization: Make your wedding music truly special by personalizing it. Choose songs that hold sentimental value to you and your partner, or ones that have significance in your relationship. Work closely with your chosen music entertainment provider to create a playlist that reflects your style and preferences. Consider creating a “must-play” list of songs and discuss any specific announcements or dedications you’d like to include during the event. Collaborate with Professionals: To ensure the smooth flow of music entertainment at your wedding, it is crucial to collaborate with experienced professionals. Check out the best Tulsa Wedding Society Music & Entertainment. Infinity Music RedLine Entertainment Remember, the right music has the power to create an atmosphere that resonates with you, your partner, and your guests, making your wedding an unforgettable celebration of love and joy.