Featured Vendor | The French Bouquet


Today I sat down with Anne Marie Foy of the French Bouquet to discuss all things floral. She gladly offered some valuable insight and expert advice for brides to consider regarding floral design trends and the D.I.Y. approach verses hiring a professional wedding florist for their special event.



Anne Marie Foy of The French Bouquet

Here is what she had to say:

Q. How do you respond to the current, popular trend of oversized bouquets with lots of greenery that we are seeing lately in weddings?

A. "I would prefer to see smaller bouquets again, personally. I feel like this trend is a tired mix of the "80's" meets Ikebana. I would prefer to complement the brides' gowns rather than hide them with humongous floral pieces. I hope to redirect this overdone trend by offering D.I.Y. design classes to interested brides."

Q. What direction would you personally like to go with new trends?

A. "I would really like to see design ideas evolve and become more out of the box than what our brides are currently seeing on Pinterest. I can actually offer several different design styles. I am often considered the master of white weddings but, I can offer so much more variety than what I have done in the past. I want to encourage brides to stop conforming to what other brides are doing by being bold and embracing their true personality. I have 15 years of experience, a huge design space, several talented staff members and we are ready to step up to the challenge with the services we have to offer."

Q. What do you feel is most important for a bride to expect when booking with a florist?

A. "Gained trust in our knowledge and experience with product and design as well trust in our abilities. Brides should trust in experienced florists to give them the best options in designs and products. Secondly, connection is very important. Brides need to be excited about our ideas as floral designers and we want them to actually feel the enthusiasm and passion in what we do."

Q. What to you say to brides who are considering DIY with their own bouquets?

A. "Of course, I love to do weddings myself, but I am in the process of starting up workshops soon to educate brides on how to make pretty bouquets on their own. I am very excited and passionate to share my knowledge with brides who prefer to do their own flowers. My goal is to provide with them a more personal tutorial experience in achieving a D.I.Y. approach."

If you have more questions for Anne Marie and her staff, send them an email today! They look forward to visiting with you! Email: info@thefrenchbouquettulsa.com By Phone:  918-747-6750

Featured Vendor | Reverend Jay Howell

Hiring a wedding officiant?

Talking today with Reverend Jay Howell, a licensed ordained minister specializing in custom wedding ceremony design. Rev-Jay (the nickname we lovingly refer to our favorite spirited officiant) brings an unforgettable presence as a coveted member of The Tulsa Wedding Society.

Today I sat down to chat with Rev-Jay to ask him a few questions about his role in current nuptial trends and how he guides brides & grooms through a custom planning experience. See what he has to say about the planning process.

Reverend Jay Howell signing.jpg

Meet Expert Wedding Officiant:

Q: Do you think there has been a shift in the need for wedding officiant services?

A: The longer I have been in this business, the more I see the need for my services. More and more people are growing up with different beliefs and concepts than their parents' conceptualized wedding traditions.

Q: What is your role in working with brides & grooms?

A: My role is to help them balance their family traditions and expectations with their ceremony desires in an effort to accommodate both families.

Q: How long do you spend counseling with clients?

A: I ask a lot of questions that each party may not have considered and go over several scenarios to avoid stepping on toes, while paying homage to their cultural backgrounds, identities, or possible variations in religious tones. My goal is customize a ceremony that is meaningful to each client's need. We remain in contact throughout the entire planning process.

Q: Do you design all types of religious and non-religious ceremonies?

A. Yes, I have several resources at my disposal to suit the needs of all clients. I start with their needs and build from that platform. I offer variations and mixtures of: Traditional, Non-Traditional, Unique concepts, Multi-faith, LGBTQ welcoming, Secular & Humanistic.

Q. What is the most popular trend in nuptials?

A. Less is more. But we design them together as a team, specifically I emphasize the audience's perspective. By removing the fluff and focusing on the celebration of the couple, I often prefer to create an environment where everyone including is engaged in a participatory way.

Q. Any additional words of advice?

A. Investing energy into designing your ceremony results in a difference between a forgetful sermon for your guests verses a memorable, engaging experience for all.


For booking info contact Jay By Phone: 918-691-4713 or By Email: reverendjayhowell@gmail.com

Tips and Tricks | Finding Wedding Inspiration

Check out this helpful advice from expert planner:

Sharon Holm, of Tulsa Weddings and Design


Tips to help you find your wedding inspiration


  1. Jot down the names of your favorite designers and don't just limit it to fashion - think outside the box and even include home interior. design ideas. Pulling different types inspiration from several sources is a great way to figure out what you like and dislike. Then, start a Pinterest board titled "personal style inspiration" and you will soon find a continuous vibe within your "pins".

  2. "Something that makes you feel confident and beautiful is never out of style". This does not apply to clothing only. Designers love to experiment with different patterns textures and accessories throughout the design process to dream up interesting centerpieces and statement decor.

  3. A good chat with your friends and family will always get you pointed in the right direction. When planning a wedding every bride is looking for successful feedback and insight to the types of activities, food and drink that will be enjoyed most at their wedding. So, start discussing!

  4. Grab a glass of wine and put your feet up while paging through a bridal magazine often does the trick for dreamers block. Again, don't forget to browse through other decorating magazines to see what trends captures your eye.
  5. Food blogs and recipe books are also great resources to enhance every day inspiration. You are sure to find a wide selection of menu ideas, table settings, and more all accompanied with the perfect ambience and creativity you were looking for. 
  6. Take a trip back in time and browse through an antique store. Personally, there's just something inside those old shelves that triggers ideas for new and improved creations. 
  7. Love to travel? You can often find great inspiration from places you have been or places you wish to go. Personalize your day with culture and your guests will be talking non stop to all their friends about your wedding day. 
  8. Last but not least, go window-shopping. If you want to find the hottest trends and must-have items they're always displayed at big department stores. See something you love snap a photo, it's a great way to determine what truly catches your eye. 


Start pulling pins for your dream board.



Allow your designer to dream up a collection.


Start discussing ideas with your closest confidants.



Grab that tasty red blend and start browsing.


The food search is on!


Travel to find inspiration.

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Featured Wedding | Emily + Daniel

Emily Corral and Daniel Mason were married May 12th on a perfect Friday afternoon. Rain was forecasted for the whole day but, in true Oklahoma fashion, the sun was out by the end of their portraits and shining strong by the end of their ceremony at their church, St. Benedicts in Broken Arrow. Their Catholic faith is very important to both Emily and Daniel and was evident in even the smallest details of their full mass ceremony.

Emily is also a wedding photographer and so having been to a variety of weddings in Tulsa she already had a vision in mind of the things she wanted most for her wedding day. Almost all her vendors were Tulsa Wedding Society members. In fact, Emily and Daniel were originally planning on getting married on a Saturday in May but when one of their preferred vendors, Andrea Murphy Photography, was already booked they checked with their church and moved their date. So often in this industry, we see clients wait a little too long to book their favorite and preferred vendors so for this reason we highly recommend booking all your "must-have" vendors first thing when planning your wedding so that they aren't booked with other clients.

Emily and Daniel, we all loved being part of your wedding and are so grateful for being entrusted with all the intrinsic and personal details of your beautiful and special day. May you have many years of love and happiness ahead of you.

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