Tips & Tricks | Expert Advice on ordering wedding cake

How much cake should I order for my wedding?

Submitted by: Laura Talbot, of Ms. Laura's Cakes

Though it certainly seems like a simple question, it's not as "cut & dry" as you may think.  We actually need to discuss several more questions before we can answer this one.


During the wedding planning process you will often hear the question, "How many guests are you planning on having at your wedding?". Well, if you're like most, you may not really know exactly how many there will be for sure. What you do know is: you've got a lot of people on your list, your future spouse's list, and your parents' list.  But, how many guests will actually attend your wedding?  How do you plan for food?  How many servings of cake will you need?  Well, I can certainly help you with that and I truly want to help you figure out how to have enough cake for everyone without having tiers & tears leftover after the wedding.

Wedding Guest List?

First, lets narrow down your lists. The best advice I can give you is from my own personal experience and that is to go over the list by considering the following thoughts:

  1. Consider how many guests are from out of state.  If you think they will not attend then just send them an invitation, but mark them off of your food and cake list.
  2. Regarding the guests who are in state, go through and mark off the ones you are pretty sure won't attend. But, be sure to send them an invite regardless of their expected attendance because, trust me, no one wants to be left out or forgotten.
  3. Will your wedding take place in the evening or early afternoon? This question is important! If it's in the evening of the fall and winter months, it gets dark earlier. Some of your older guests (who may not like to drive after dark) and parents of little ones (who have early bed times) won't be able to wait around till 9pm or later for you to cut the cake. On the other hand, if your wedding is in the afternoon, say 2 o'clock, your guests usually only expect cake and punch to be served. So, you will want to be sure you have enough cake to feed everyone for the entirety of the event.

Next, a question you may have is, "How big is a serving of cake, actually?".  My cake serving size guide is the Wilton standard, which is a  1" X 2" slice.  Your cake is on average 4" thick, though sometimes a little thicker on request, but never less than 4".  

Reception Guest List?

So, now that you have an idea of how many guests you think will attend your wedding, here are few more questions for you to consider about the reception:

  1. How many guests do you plan on having at the reception? Some couples have a private ceremony, where only a select few are invited, but everyone else is invited to the reception. So, they are gonna need some cake, right?
  2. Are you planning to serve alcohol? If you are, then you should only plan to serve cake for two thirds of your guests. Why is this? Typically, most guys are not big sweets eaters anyway and, if they drink beer, they rarely eat cake.  Some of the ladies will opt to consume the calories of an alcoholic beverage over eating cake. Other guests, partaking in alcohol consumption, will often be so busy visiting and partying that they won't remember there is cake. 
  3. Are you planning to have a groom's cake?  If so, then plan to serve approximately 50 servings of his cake. However, if the groom is wanting to showcase something fun and  3-dimensional, such as a 3-D football helmet or any other sculpted cake, you may need to accommodate for the popularity response and plan to reserve more than 50 servings for his cake. 
  4. Unless you are planning to provide any additional desserts, sweets, or treats for your guests, you should now be able to figure out how many servings are needed for the wedding cake.

Need an example? Okay, lets say you are planning to have 200 guests at your wedding and you are also serving beer and wine. While you definitely want to plan food for everyone, you really only need to serve cake for about 150 of your guests.

Cake Shapes?

Now to decide what shape you would like: round, square, heart, petal, hex, etc... Obviously, the most common are round or square, but there are some unique shapes that affect your overall slice count.  For example, square cakes serve more per tier than a round cakes.


Round Cake

A traditional 6", 8", 10" round cake serves 74 slices.


Square Cake

A traditional 6", 8", 10" square cake serves 100 slices.

Cake Layers?

When you envision your dream wedding cake, you may picture a taller and far more grand design than you actually need, but that's okay too. Let me explain how each tier adds more servings. Let's consider a round cake that needs to serve 100 slices. You could do any of the following to achieve that desired number:

  •  3 tier, round serving 74
  •  3 tier, round serving 106
  •  3 tier, round serving 125  
  •  4 tier, round serving 130

Get the idea?  Pair your wedding cake with the groom's cake and you will have close to 150 servings of cake total. Take my previous suggestions into consideration and plan accordingly, I guarantee that my concept works pretty well.  Sure, you may run out of cake or perhaps you may have just a bit left over. The question to ask yourself is, "would I rather run out of cake or have extra cake, just in case?".

Now, if you want your cake to look bigger or are just really wanting extra cake, GREAT!  I am happy to add to the brides cake by adding a "faux" layer (for the same price) or by beefing up the size of the groom cake.  You can even opt to add a "kitchen" cake. That is a plain, frosted sheet cake that stays in the kitchen or goes under the cake table to provide extra servings if you should you need them.  That way, if you serve all of the bride and groom cakes and end up not serving the kitchen cake, you will have an un-cut cake to enjoy the next day with family who may be in town for the wedding.

I truly hope this information helps you to determine how much cake you will need for your wedding day. I am always happy to serve you and glad to answer any specific questions you may have regarding cakes, food, and treats!

 Confectionately honored to be your baker,

Laura Talbot, owner of Ms. Laura's Cakes

Featured Wedding | Amy + Adam

Real Oklahoma Wedding

submitted by: Whitney Hewitt of Erica Weddings

Amy & Adam | 9.30.18

Amy and Adam’s wedding was a true representation of two families from across the world coming together to celebrate love. Amy met Adam on a trip to Australia. When it came time for Amy to leave, Adam realized he couldn’t let this Oklahoma girl go back without putting a ring on her finger, so he proposed right before she left at a lake in the land Down Under.

To truly share her Oklahoma roots, Amy decided to hold their wedding on her mother ’s ranch. The farmhouse provided a beautiful backdrop for the girls to get ready in with true southern hospitality. Amy even took notice of my favorite LaCroix and had the fridge stocked just for me on HER wedding day! 

The whole family took part in getting the farm ready and reinventing the barn into a stunning reception space. The donkeys even donned their best dress with custom bow-ties made by family members.

There were also plenty of details to make Adam’s family feel at home including Lamington’s, an Australian butter cake, that was beautifully made by Ms. Laura’s Cakes.

LionsRoad kept the evening going well into the night with a packed dance floor while guests enjoyed s’mores by the fire. Overall, the day was filled with a lot of laid back fun, ͞"no worries, mate", and the best manners ever.


Featured Tulsa Wedding Society Members:

Photos Courtesy of: Blair Schluter Photography


Other vendors:

  • Photography: Blair Schluter Photography
  • Video: Reagan Lynn Films
  • Flowers: The French Bouquet
  • Venue: Monarch Ranch (Private Residence)
  • Catering: Aila’s Catering
  • Transportation: Kristal Limousine
  • Gown: Lazaro

Tips & Tricks | Expert advice on Wedding Hair & Makeup

Leave the worry to us, we can get you photo ready!

Submitted by: Ashlee Bivins & Heather Valentine, of Primp Hair & Makeup Studio


Hay girl haaaaaaay! So you’re engaged? Cheers, we are so excited for you! There’s lots to do, but no worries! We are going to help you out with the fun stuff- makeup & hair and hittin’ the highlights (see what we did there?).

Okay, so here’s the deal, having hair and makeup for photos and events that will withstand last long hours is very different than applying your everyday makeup and hair styling regimen. You want your hair and makeup to still look like perfection while salsa dancing at your reception. Ole!

In order to achieve that photo perfect look, there are layering steps that professionals like us do and specific products used that will guarantee your look will outlast the festivities. Win, win, my friend! Our methods have been tried and true. Our past brides have actually sent us photos while on the plane to their honeymoon, still in full hair and makeup from the wedding day! Whaaaaaat....? I know, crazy right? But seriously, girl, it's so true!

  •  Professionalism.

-Throughout our years of working in the wedding industry, we have learned to work with all different personalities in all types of situations. Girl, lemme tell ya', there have been some wild stories, but we are always able to get our brides through it.

-We know how to handle situations that can arise in a high-stress environment and that is not something learned overnight. At the end of the day we strive to ensure everything is seamless for the bride. We actually sometimes double as therapists, like when our bride dropped her red lipstick down the front of her dress. For real, a total freak out moment for her, but we got her through it!

  • Customized looks.

-While we certainly take into consideration the current trends, we also keep in mind that the look needs to be timeless. We will give you our professional opinion on the looks you've pinned on your Pinterest boards. and from there we can weave the current trends into the final look. Years from now, when you are looking at your photos and showing your grandchildren how you looked on your wedding day, your look will be relevant and timeless. Trust us, you'll thank us later!

  • Fun.

-You want to remember the morning of your wedding as being a fun mini party with all your favorite girls. Champagne glasses clinging, music, & laughter going on all while the hair & makeup applications are rotating with ease. Professionals like us know how to get the work finished in a timely manner, while also keeping the mood light and fun!

Photo Credit: Chelsea Denise Photography

Check out what some of our past brides have said about Primp!

“I chose to try Primp for a trial based off a friend's recommendation and immediately booked them for my Engagement Photos, Bridal Portraits and Wedding Day! One of the best decisions I made while wedding planning! Ashlee and Heather are so fun to work with and I had a blast with them each time they did my hair & makeup. Both of them can do anything and they made me + my bridesmaids feel so beautiful on my wedding day! I will recommend them to everyone I know!”

“Ashlee and Heather did such an amazing job on my big day! After I was done being beautified with their amazing skills, I finally was able to take a peek of the end result and it threw me into a fit of happy tears. I was blown away by their work. Thank God for their waterproof lashes! My hair and makeup lasted well through the night, which I thought was impossible for me with my oily skin and fine flat hair, but I was proved very wrong! I never had to do any touch ups with hair/ makeup. My hair was still up, curled and in tact (seriously-even the following day which is a first for me) and all of my bridesmaids and family were equally thrilled with their hair and makeup! Can't wait to return for a fun and relaxing beauty session with these ladies soon! Thank you so much Ashlee and Heather!”


Got more questions? We are happy to help! Contact us today and we will get you scheduled in for your trial with us. | | | 918-619-2384


Primp Girls- Ashlee & Heather

Style Inspiration | Tulsa Wedding Society Member Design Collective at Dresser Mansion

When Wedding Pro's Work Together...

submitted by: Mandy Miller, Wedding Floral Designer of Divine Designs by Mandy


Hey there, Tulsa Wedding Society followers- Thanks for visiting our blog again! This week we wanted to share with you what happens when experienced wedding professionals get together to create something we call design "eye-candy".

Back in January, Dresser Mansion held an Open House at their historic venue where Tulsa wedding professional were invited to come and visit with brides & grooms about wedding planning. Some of our members of The Tulsa Wedding Society got together to design a tablescape set up that turned into an impromptu styled shoot and the results were exciting and visually outstanding.

Bethany Faber, a wedding planner of Bethany Faber Events, who also represents Dresser Mansion as their venue coordinator contacted wedding floral designer Mandy Miller, of Divine Designs by Mandy to provide fresh floral designs for the attendees of the open house to view and enjoy. The success of their collaboration began with excellent communication regarding the execution of the design plan and was carried out beautifully due to the like mindedness of their taste & style. Add a beautifully crafted, artistic wedding cake from Laura Talbot of Ms. Laura's Cakes, and "Viola" folks, you've got an amazing collaboration.

Fortunately for us, the talented wedding photographer Andi Bravo was onsite that day and she happily agreed to document photos of the gorgeous results of the collective design.

Take a look at this bright and citrus-y styled wedding theme designed by our Tulsa Wedding Society Members:

Floral Designer | Divine Designs by Mandy

Cake Designer | Ms. Laura's Cakes

Venue | Dresser Mansion

Photo Credit: Andi Bravo Photography

Linens and serving ware available at: Party Pro Rents

Tips & Tricks | Wedding photography- First Looks

Our Favorite first looks

Submitted by: Andrea Murphy, of Andrea Murphy Photography

Who loves a great first look? As a photographer it’s one of my favorite parts of the day! I don’t just say that because it makes my job a bit easier (because of course it does) but because it’s truly a beautiful moment. And these photos will prove that! First I’d like to dispel a few myths about having a first look.

Myth 1: "If you see each other before you walk down the aisle the moment won’t be special."

My experience is that, overwhelmingly, the couples (especially the grooms) are far more emotional during the processional if they’ve seen one another. I think it’s because the pressure is off - they’ve already hugged, kissed, and loved on each other and now they just get to be fully present in that moment.

Myth 2: "It breaks tradition."

Okay, okay I understand because I love me some tradition and am an old soul. However, new traditions are created all of the time. I’ve been photographing first looks for 17 years and this isn’t a new concept. If you look into where some of these traditions originated you might be a little horrified and you’ll definitely have a giggle. This is your wedding and you can do what you please.  

Myth 3: "Pictures are the only reason to have a first look."

I won’t deny that having time for photos is a major advantage to seeing one another before the ceremony, but there’s a lot of great reasons for a first look. Before we move away from the photos thing, I’d like to expand (I’m a photographer after all).  When you have your engagement or bridal photos, you don’t run out and do them in 10 minutes, right? So why on the wedding day itself rush through as quickly as you can because your guests are waiting? You’ve made a significant investment in your photographer it’s in your best interest to make the most of that investment by having gorgeous photos of you and your spouse.

Beyond that though what better day to spend together than your wedding day? You’re with your fiance all the time and they are who you’d rather spend your time than anyone else. So why on the wedding day suddenly quarantine yourself from seeing and talking to one another? This is both of your wedding day and you should be able to enjoy it together.

So if that didn’t convince you I’d like to offer you some photographic evidence from our Tulsa Wedding Society members. We have collaborated to show you some of our sweetest and fun first looks that we’ve had the honor in which to take part.

Andrea Murphy Photography


And just to add a cherry on top of these sweet photos, here’s a video from Pen Weddings of a few adorable first looks.  

Copyright, PenWeddings || The Huffington Post recently shared a blog post saying that First Looks or First Sights are stupid. We wholeheartedly disagree. Whether to do a first look is up to you. It's a personal decision and you should do what makes you happy.


I’m not crying. You’re crying.


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