Featured Wedding | Emily + Daniel

Emily Corral and Daniel Mason were married May 12th on a perfect Friday afternoon. Rain was forecasted for the whole day but, in true Oklahoma fashion, the sun was out by the end of their portraits and shining strong by the end of their ceremony at their church, St. Benedicts in Broken Arrow. Their Catholic faith is very important to both Emily and Daniel and was evident in even the smallest details of their full mass ceremony.

Emily is also a wedding photographer and so having been to a variety of weddings in Tulsa she already had a vision in mind of the things she wanted most for her wedding day. Almost all her vendors were Tulsa Wedding Society members. In fact, Emily and Daniel were originally planning on getting married on a Saturday in May but when one of their preferred vendors, Andrea Murphy Photography, was already booked they checked with their church and moved their date. So often in this industry, we see clients wait a little too long to book their favorite and preferred vendors so for this reason we highly recommend booking all your "must-have" vendors first thing when planning your wedding so that they aren't booked with other clients.

Emily and Daniel, we all loved being part of your wedding and are so grateful for being entrusted with all the intrinsic and personal details of your beautiful and special day. May you have many years of love and happiness ahead of you.

Featured Vendors

Andrea Murphy Photography


Tulsa Bridal Beauty

Divine Designs by Mandy

Tips and Tricks | TWS Passport Program

Did you know that you could earn $100 from Tulsa Wedding Society by simply booking our trusted members for your wedding? This program is designed to reward brides who see the value in working with TWS vendors. Since it's inception, we have honored 89 passports. That's $8,900 that we have given back to our brides. How do you qualify?

• A bride must have a contract with a minimum of 4 TWS vendors.

• The contracts must meet each members booking minimum.

• The bride must submit an email inquiry to info@tulsaweddingsociety.com to redeem her passport no later than 2 weeks before the wedding.

That's it! When all the bookings are confirmed, the bride receives an email requesting her address. Then a check for $100 is mailed directly to her the following Monday after the provided wedding date (this process can take up to 7 days).

We love being able to give back to brides and, besides, who couldn't use an extra Benjamin on their honeymoon?!

Here are a few links to weddings that have used at least four TWS members!

Jessica and Blaine

Mia and Calvin

Dawnette and Mike

Samantha and Adam

Trends | Sparktacular

In the lighting field, it's rare to come across something truly unique. Integrity lighting has done just that! Introducing, Sparktacular! This effect shoots 90 second bursts (up to 10 minutes of run time) to a height of 8 to 15 feet in the air. It is completely safe and authorized by the Fire Marshall. Below are a few ways you could use it on your wedding day.

  • ceremony Kiss
  • first dance
  • surprise reveal
  • dance floor effects
  • bride and groom exit
  • photo opportunities

Call 918-425-4446 for pricing!

Featured Wedding | Jessica + Blaine

We love it when members of our TWS family get to work together with the same couple. Check out what Redeemed Productions has to say about the adorable Jessica and Blaine who used three of our members!

"The wedding day was perfect! No joke, it was amazing. The bridesmaids all looked beautiful and were having a great time in the hotel room when we arrived. We were able to get some really cute photos of Jessica and all of her bridesmaids together before she got into her dress. While we are talking about that dress, WOW!! This dress from Kleinfeld Bridal was the perfect dress for Jessica. It was breathtaking when she put it on! Back to the story of the day…after she got into the dress, we were able to get the day moving along! The bridesmaids had gold dresses and they were beautiful! Some of our favorite photos were taken right outside The Mayo Hotel with Jessica and Blaine. This entire wedding party was so easy to photograph, and they made our jobs super easy! We honestly have too many things to say about this beautiful wedding and amazing couple. From the flowers that were so stunning from The French Bouquet Tulsa, to the white dance floor and the LOVE letters from LionsRoad, they truly did have a picture-perfect wedding day! We hope you enjoy these images as much as we enjoyed working with Jessica and Blaine! We can’t wait to share these!"

Featured Vendors

Videography | Redeemed Productions

Floral Design | The French Bouquet

DJ | Lionsroad

Trends | Outdoor Cakes

We’ve all seen them. The photos of wedding receptions outside on beautiful wood tables or under large full trees but to make sure everything goes as planned, Laura Talbot with Ms. Laura's Cakes is here to give you a few things to keep in mind when cake is involved.

  • Frosting is made with butter. It melts. Putting cakes outside exposes them to the elements: heat, wind, dirt in the wind, birds (birds poop), squirrels, bugs, ants, as well as cats and dogs that may be a part of the property or even part of the ceremony. However pets don’t know they aren’t supposed to eat the cake and may stick their snout up there and lick it.
  • Lets not forget about the ground. I have never encountered a patch of level dirt and grass suitable for the needs of a cake table. Just putting a table outside and eyeballing its levity won’t cut it. You don’t want your cake to lean or fall do you? Neither do I. You will need to get wood and shims (shims are tapered wedges of work that you can get at any hardware store or local walmart or target) and use a level. Make that table straight. Also putting a piece of plywood on the ground for the table to be places on is a fantastic idea as often times the cake is heavy and the table legs can sink into the ground causing the table to become un-level again. The plywood stops the legs from sinking into the dirt.
  • I’ve had many clients ask what frosting doesn’t melt outside. My guess is they ask this because they know frosting melts but they want to have a way to get around being able to stick their cake outside for hours without trouble. The answer? Have cake with no frosting (that means no yummy filling either) because all frosting and filling will melt.
  • Talk to your baker and find out what their policy is for outdoor receptions. My policy is to watch the weather and if the temperature is going to be hot then I deliver the cake as close to ceremony time as possible with instructions that the bride and groom should do the cake cutting first thing after saying 'I do'. (Yes, before the meal and the first dance. Butter in heat waits for no one, even brides and grooms.)

Featured Wedding | Dawnette + Mike

Dawnette and Mike McBride were married in an intimate wedding ceremony on the lawn of Dawnette's parents home in Bartlesville on a perfect evening this spring. Their Irish-themed wedding took place the day after St. Patrick's Day and had touches of the McBride family tartan, among other nods to Mike's Irish heritage.

Their reception was held at the Hillcrest Country Club where the couple spent the evening surrounded by their friends and family. From the small decor details, to the Celtic hand fasting during the ceremony, to a traditional Comanche cedar blessing during the reception, Dawnette and Mike created a wedding day that was a perfect reflection of their past, and a beautiful promise of their future together.

Featured Vendors

Andrea Murphy Photography

Divine Designs by Mandy

Lions Road

Integrity Lighting

Tips and Tricks | Hiring a Live Band

This week, Dave Richardson, President of Wavetones Inc. (including the bands Brava Quartette, Hook, The Wavetones, and Wild Honey) gives you five tips on choosing and working with a live band on your wedding day. Live bands can create an incredible atmosphere and wonderful entertainment for your guests. Check out his tips below!

• Make sure you take time to meet with the band leader several weeks before your wedding day. This will give you a chance to go over the timeline for the reception and discuss your expectations for the band. Take time to go through the band's playlist and discuss what you like and don’t like. Finally, let them know if there are some songs on their playlist that have an unpleasant memory and you would prefer it not to be played.

• Even though you have hired a band for your reception, do not be afraid to use recordings of the songs you have selected for your First Dances. Sometimes it’s not just the song, but the original recording of the song that is romantic. No matter how talented your band is, there really is no way to replicate the magic of an old recording by Louis Armstrong or Etta James, or even a newer song by John Mayer or Rascal Flatts.

• It’s always a good idea to make it clear that you do not want the band to drink alcohol at your reception. Allowing any employee the opportunity to drink alcohol while working almost guaranties that someone will drink more than they should. Your wedding reception is far too important too invite the possibility of bad behavior from the band into your special day….not to mention they have full access to the microphones.

• Hire the band that plays the music you want at your reception and not just whatever band was available and then asking them to change. I remember playing a reception with The Wavetones where the bride and groom came up and asked us to only play Country music. At that moment I would have loved to have been able to meet their request, but we are not a Country band. Those are not songs we have learned, rehearsed, and memorized. They told me they knew we were not a Country band but assumed we could play a nights worth of Country songs if needed. Assuming is never a good idea.

• Make sure to ask the band what their plan is for music during their breaks and make sure they have a plan for “non-stop music” even though they will need to take a couple breaks to go to the restroom and rest their voices. If they do not have a plan you are comfortable with then ask them to put together two iTunes playlists on their computer and set the preferences to “Crossfade Songs”. Then email them a list of 12 songs you would like to have played during their breaks (6 songs per break). NOTE: A band does not need more than two twenty-minute breaks during a four hour reception.

Featured Vendors

Wavetones Inc.

Picturesque Photos by Amanda

Tips and Tricks | Wedding Budget

What better person to get advice regarding your wedding day budget than Sharon Holm with Tulsa Weddings & Design? She has over 10 years of experience and prides herself on the ability to understand her clients, identifying their specific needs and goals, and deliver a luxurious event in a professional and stylish manner. See what she has to say about budgeting below!

No matter what your wedding budget is, odds are it's more than you’ll ever spend on a single event or party and we all want to make every cent count, right? You can ask nearly anyone in the event industry and they will tell you that just because you spent $20K there is no guarantee your event will look elegant, cohesive or have any personality or style. By now most brides' glam squads, Mothers and MILs all have Pinterest boards of what YOUR wedding should look like. But the real question is, "how do I add VALUE?" Celebrities know! They almost all hire a stylist to dress them for any red carpet event. You would also hire an interior decorator or designer if you wanted to make your dream home look amazing. Again, it’s about adding value to an event and not just dollars.

Here’s the secret to making the most of your budget. Take this quiz with your partner and rate the following in order of importance (1 being the most important to you and 10 being the least).




___Aesthetics/Appearance (flowers, decorations, centerpieces, ambiance)





___Family and Friends Attending

___ Invitations/Save the Dates

Now you can determine how to allocate your budget based on your priorities as individuals and as a couple.

Here are a few examples of adding value to your event.

• Repurpose your bridesmaids bouquets as centerpieces, decor in the ladies room or the bar area to add a punch of color.

• Use a numbering system on your RSVP cards to track your guests list and to reduce over-purchasing of catering items.

• Open your buffet early. No one likes “hangry” guests!

• Keep your guests happy and be courteous of their time. Trust me, happy guests add the most value to your event. Why purchase all the food, beverage, and décor for an empty room?

• Think about having a morning ceremony and reception (serving a brunch). Your guest will LOVE IT!

• Always ask the venue what other events are being planned before and after your event. Lighting, staging or draping from previous events may allow you to potentially “share” the cost for the weekend.

• Ask all your vendors for insight and tips. They are the experts and want your event to be successful as much as you do.

• Instead of a formal sit-down dinner or standard buffet, opt for a watch-while-they-cook “action station”. This is fun for all ages.

• Two words to remember - House Wine and House Beer – you will thank me later!

• Choose crowd-pleasing classic cake flavors for your desserts.

• How can we forget your entertainment for the evening? This will make or break your evening.

• Lastly, hire a Day of Coordinator to keep you on task, on time and at peace with your wedding party and vendors. Please use caution when asking your friends and family members to handle all the details of your wedding day. It’s easy for them to get distracted visiting with your guests and forget about your timeline. Its difficult for someone outside the wedding industry to see the full scope of an event.

Here are some photos of some of Holm's favorite weddings!

Featured Vendors

Tulsa Weddings & Design

Brittney Ashton Photography

Divine Designs by Mandy

Primp Hair and Makeup Studio

Jami Leavitt Photography

Birdsong Photography

Featured Wedding | Samantha + Adam

We love it when one of our very own has a child tie the knot! Laura Talbot with Ms. Laura's Cakes daughter did just this last month (March 11) at Okmulgee First Baptist Church. She was married by Pastor Tim Walker (pastor at Stillwater First Baptist Church), Samantha's uncle and the pastor who also married Laura and her husband, Jimmy.

The couple had dream team of TWS professionals to bring the day to life! The church gym transformed into a beautiful reception with the draping skills of Greg Sturg (Soft Touch draping) with roughly 263 feet of sheer linen as well as adding lighting from Integrity Lighting.

Talbot remarked on some of the vendors she and her daughter chose for the wedding, "Rene Punch with Mom and Me Events provided day-of services for the wedding, which was one of my best decisions. While I know everything about cake and catering, I don't know everything about conducting a wedding and getting everything pulled off. Rene was a Godsend in that area. I am in love with Mandy Miller's (Divine Designs by Mandy) bouquets so I didn't even have to think about who the florist would be. The lilac and white bouquets were gorgeous. I sent my daughter off the morning of the wedding to go get her hair and makeup done by Tulsa Bridal Beauty's owner Krista Perry. (I wasn't able to go with her because I was still prepping food for the reception). Her maids-of-honor went with her as well. When she got home she was beaming. I asked her if she was pleased with her hair and makeup and she said, 'I feel like a princess'. Thats all I needed to hear."

Sometimes it can be difficult to walk the line between working an event and being a part of it. Talbot stated, "I set up her cake, got all the food delivered, and was done as 'Ms. Laura's Cakes' by 2:00 pm; then I became mother-of-the-bride." Job well done, Laura!

Wedding Party

Maid of Honor | Beverly (groom's sister)

Maid of Honor | Beverly (bride's best friends since Kindergarten)

Bridesmaid | Danielle (sister in law)

Bridesmaid | Tabby (bride's sister)

Bridesmaid | Taylor (bride's sister)

Best Man | Tony (groom's best friend)

Groomsmen | Thomas (groom's brother)

Groomsmen | Mikey (groom's nephew)

Groomsmen | Luke (brother in law)

Brittney Ashton with Brittney Ashton Photography documented the event. "Capturing Samantha and Adam's wedding day was an honor. I have been friends with her mom almost as long as I have been shooting weddings. When Samantha was a senior in high school I shot her senior pictures. Now, 4 years later, I'm shooting her wedding. It was such a beautiful day and love was in the air. Of course the cake by Ms. Laura herself was phenomenal, she went above and beyond as always."

Congrats to Samantha and Adam from everyone here at TWS!

Featured Vendors

Photography | Brittney Ashton Photography

Wedding Planner | Mom and Me Events

Floral Design | Divine Designs by Mandy

DJ and Sound for Ceremony | Infinity Music

Draping | Soft Touch Draping

Cake Artist | Ms. Laura's Cakes

Makeup Artist | Tulsa Bridal Beauty

Lighting | Integrity Lighting Inc.

Samantha's dad wore his Army dress uniform to walk her down the aisle.

Samantha's dad wore his Army dress uniform to walk her down the aisle.

The cake included red velvet with cream cheese, gluten-free carrot with cinnamon cream, butterscotch with Irish cream, chocolate with twinkie, and vanilla with strawberry. It was iced in buttercream with many lilac sugar flowers and edible pearls. Talbot hand-painted the wreath and monogram as they were incorporated from the design on the invitation (which was also created by Talbot). The topper was a white porcelain bride and groom from Talbot's wedding cake. At the base of the wedding cake there was a framed photo of both Adam's and Samantha's parents on their wedding days. The groom wanted the chocolate fountain instead of a grooms cake so, of course, Ms. Laura obliged. 

The cake included red velvet with cream cheese, gluten-free carrot with cinnamon cream, butterscotch with Irish cream, chocolate with twinkie, and vanilla with strawberry. It was iced in buttercream with many lilac sugar flowers and edible pearls. Talbot hand-painted the wreath and monogram as they were incorporated from the design on the invitation (which was also created by Talbot). The topper was a white porcelain bride and groom from Talbot's wedding cake. At the base of the wedding cake there was a framed photo of both Adam's and Samantha's parents on their wedding days. The groom wanted the chocolate fountain instead of a grooms cake so, of course, Ms. Laura obliged. 

Rentals | Party Pro Rents

Trends | Floral Crowns

We consulted with one of our talented florists, Mandy Miller with Divine Designs by Mandy, about trends that she is seeing for 2017. "Floral crowns are so big for me right now. I get requests for them all the time," said Miller.

Miller went on to expalin that this is a trend for flower girls and brides alike. In the past, brides would just do springs in the hair but with the popularity of bohemian and rustic weddings, the full floral crowns are popular as well. In addition to weddings, Miller also makes them for maternity, mommy-and-me, and senior sessions.

Miller makes all of her floral crowns by hand, wiring fresh florals together. It's a labor intensive task that takes time to get just right. Floral crowns range average $25-$50 with Divine Designs by Mandy.

"It's always such a pretty way show off blooms on the wedding day," said Miller.

Andrea Murphy Photography

Janel Tackett Photography


Featured Wedding | Sarah + Jack

Sarah Webb came across Philbrook Museum of Art in a Google search while trying to find a city for her wedding that was halfway between her and her fiance, Jack Barker's, families so that as many of their nearest and dearest could be present at their special day. They decided that it would be the perfect venue for their wedding and in early summer they set a date, booked Philbrook and Sarah and her mother, Jerri, made the trip up to Tulsa to meet with local vendors and plan the wedding.

Sarah and Jack of Murphy, Texas were married on November 5th with a perfect background of the late fall colors in the presence of their closest friends and family. From the thoughtful touch of providing a fleece blanket for each guest, to the little flower girl almost stealing the show by standing up during toasts to recite the pledge of allegiance, Sarah and Jack's wedding was full of joy and laughter as they were surrounded with love and good wishes from their family and friends.

Featured Vendors

Photography | Andrea Murphy Photography

Officiant | Reverend Jay Howell

Hair and Makeup | Primp Hair & Makeup Studio

Cake Artist | Ms. Laura's Cakes

2017 TWS Gives Back Silent Auction & Dinner

The 2017 TWS Gives Back Silent Auction and Dinner was a success! Ticket sales and silent auction donations added up to over $10,000 benefitting the Lindsey House. We would like to thank everyone who came out and bid on all of the amazing services and products as well as the following vendors who donated their services to make the event possible. Also, a huge thank you to TWS members who helped set up and tear down at the event. Here are a few photos from the event!

Venue | Dresser Mansion Planning | Mom and Me Events Oklahoma Catering | Aila's Catering Events Dessert | Ms. Laura's Cakes Wine | Atlas Brands DJ and Marquee Letters | LionsRoad Lighting | Integrity Lighting Inc Rentals | Party Perfect Linen & Event Rental Photo booth | Route 66 Photobooth Florals | The French Bouquet Tulsa Valet | Exquisite Valet Photography | Andrea Murphy Photography, Picturesque Photos by Amanda Videography | PenWeddings, Redeemed Productions

Featured Wedding | Evie + David

Evie and David were married on an unseasonably beautiful day in mid November at Asbury United Methodist Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The ceremony was absolutley perfect, going off without a hitch. The couple then headed to Tulsa Country Club for a few photos then the reception. Then entire day was filled with so much love and affection for the couple. Congrats, Evie and David!

Featured Vendors

Picturesque Photos by Amanda

Primp Hair and Makeup Studio

Lionsroad Studios

Featured Wedding | Nikki + Brad

Nikki had been the maid of honor in a wedding that Rene with Mom and Me Events planned about four years ago and she told her that someday when she gets married, she would call Rene. She made good on her statement and Rene took her color scheme of blush pink, rose gold and sequin gold and ran with it. Rene and Nikki spent a great deal of time working on the exact setup and how every detail was important to her. In these details she included having a stellar DJ (Lionsroad Studios) and a photobooth (Route 66 Photobooth) for guests to take snapshots of the day.

Andrea Murphy with Andrea Murphy Photography was last to come on board as their photographer. Only weeks before the wedding, it had come to Rene's attention that the photographer that Nikki had originally hired had not been able to fulfill their commitment. Nikki then met with Andrea and was thrilled to have her come on board. The photos showcase the beautiful story of this bride and groom and their wedding day.

Featured Vendors

Mom and Me Events

Andrea Murphy Photography

LionsRoad Studios

Route 66 Photobooth

Tulsa Wedding Society | Who are we?

So you are newly engaged?! Congrats! Now that you’ve taken a small break from staring at that bling on your left hand, it’s time to start planning! You are in luck because the Tulsa Wedding Society can help you out with all of your wedding planning needs.

What exactly is TWS, you ask? We are a group of Tulsa’s top wedding professionals who meet weekly to discuss the local wedding industry's trends as well as methods on how we can give our clients the best experience in town. Each member has their own specific view of the industry and can give great feedback to everyone else, making us better together! With a combined average experience of 15 years or more, you will find that we know weddings very well. Vendors are granted membership through an extensive application process to ensure that only the best in Tulsa are represented in TWS.

What’s more is that we believe so much in our members that if you book at least four of us (and meet each vendor’s minimum booking rate), we will give you $100 cash. Who doesn't love a little extra cash? That’s how sure we are that you will have a 100% satisfactory experience with the wedding professionals of the Tulsa Wedding Society. Below are the categories that you can choose from…


Bridal Resources

Cakes and Catering



Hair and Makeup


Music and Entertainment


Party Rentals



Travel and Transportation



Wedding Planning and Coordination

TWS is also active in the community by hosting the TWS Gives Back event where we raise money by donating our services and products to provide monetary needs for a deserving local charity. We have raised up to $15,000 for in the past for The Little Lighthouse and are planning another event for next year in 2017.

Be sure to check out our website for a full list of our vendors! We can't wait to hear from you!

Kayla + Paul

[vimeo 109861511 w=720 h=405]

Kayla + Paul | Camp Loughridge wedding film {Tulsa wedding video} from Sarah Pendergraft on Vimeo.

Boxing gloves + bloody nose = true love. At least that's the way it was for Kayla and Paul. The story of how they met will make you laugh, and their sweet personal vows are sure to make you cry. Their wedding day at Camp Loughridge was full of silliness and sentimental moments that had everyone smiling from ear to ear.

TWS vendors: Mom & Me Events, Wedding Planner PenWeddings, Videography Andrea Murphy Photography, Photography Primp, Hair & Makeup Party Pro Rents, Rentals & Decor Alia's Catering Kitchen, Catering