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Savastano’s is turning 20!

Our story begins:

A dream of Frank's since 1971, when he spent a few months assisting his cousins in opening their brand-new pizzeria on Chicago's Southeast Side. There, he met Jane, his true love, and fell in love with pizza.

Frank's family relocated to Bixby in 1993 as a result of his tech work. He brought his passion for pizza along. Without Frank's pizza pies, celebrations would not be complete.
Frank chose to launch his pizzeria, Savastano’s in 2002.

On January 17th, 2003, he inaugurated Savastano’s first facility at 111th and Memorial. Because of Frank's passion for cooking and his family's backing, the restaurant was consistently full.

Savastano’s quickly outgrew their little hole in the wall in 2009, therefore, the new and current facility, which is a 3-floor building was designed at 106th and Memorial.

On the first story, we have our bar, take-out section, and kitchen. On the second floor, we have our main dining room. On the third floor, we have extra seating that is available for public use which is often reserved for private events.

With the assistance of their six children, Frank and Jane co-ran the business. Their operations manager was Jennifer, who was the oldest. The family business legacy continues with 13 grandchildren

Frank sadly suffered a stroke and passed away in August of 2020. Since then, Jenny and Jane have carried out his vision and managed the business. What a great legacy to carry on!

What are the great offerings from Savastano’s?

Savastano's has a lot to offer couples. Think about the events we can arrange for you, such your engagement party, wedding shower, and rehearsal dinner.

Our third-floor private area is a wonderful location with seating for 60–70 people. It is fully equipped with a salad bar, audio and video hookups as well as private restrooms.
For any event, including your wedding reception, we can even provide off-site catering. Pizzas, pastas, salads, and more are available. The combo of thin crust pizza, pasta, and salad is our most popular pick.

We enjoy being able to make your special day personal with wonderful foods!

Savastano’s Catering

Savastano’s catering takes everything you love from the Savastano’s Pizzeria menu and takes it the next level, offering the same great options but in perfect sizes for your event. Whether you are looking for pizza, pasta, salad, or something different we have you covered. Savastano’s has been serving the community since 2003, we are family owned and operated. Our Catering Manager, Ashli Dougherty, has been working at the restaurant since 2011 and took over caterings in 2018. She enjoys making sure every client feels important and taken care of from timely responses to the day of the event with set up and delivery. We offer many options that can fit the needs of your event, whether it is at the restaurant or off site.

Contact Us:
Website: www.savastanospizzeria.com
Phone: 918-369-9387