Andrea Murphy Photography specializes in unique wedding photography. Countless eyes- each experiencing your day in a completely different way. Only a few will be the official historians of the event, the historians of your love, providing the memories for generations to come. Years of planning and dreaming will unravel in the blink of an eye. That is why I consider what I do to be extremely important. I want your wedding photography to be as unique as you are, allowing you to relive those fleeting moments that you will experience so many of on your special day.

We are currently serving Tulsa, Oklahoma and surrounding areas. Available Internationally.

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I am Amanda Bringham, owner and lead photographer at Picturesque. I am an avid bookworm, a hopeless gardener, and lover of sunny days. I started as a photojournalist, turned wedding photographer and never looked back. I live for capturing beautiful moments on the wedding day while imparting my clean and crisp style, lighting, and composition.

At its core, a wedding is a love story. Every wedding is similar, but all love stories are unique. We focus on the couple, get to know them, and tell their personal story through our art. Please contact me to schedule a free consultation to discuss your day.

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Do you have a favorite photo? You know, one of those photos where you look effortlessly amazing...or that special photo that just encapsulates so many wonderful memories it brings tears to your eyes. Well that’s what we do...we believe it is our God given purpose to create those photographs for you!

We are Summer and Jennifer, two best-friends brought together through photography over 10 years ago. Before we became close friends we individually had a passion and a vision for creating a wedding photography business that allowed us to capture meaningful, timeless photos. Photos that connect you with your loved ones for many lifetimes to come.

Not only is it our responsibility to capture your wedding day in beautiful photos but we feel building a relationship with you is key. We listen and learn from you so that your experience with us becomes personal! We soak it ALL up and then create photography that reflects YOUR one-of-a kind love story. 

We are Plum Pretty Weddings and we’d love to create your favorite photos! 💜

If you feel like we are a great fit for you let us know quick. Our schedules book up a year or more in advance. We look forward to meeting you!

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