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My wife and I have photographed over a quarter of a million wedding, engagement, and bridal images since opening Tabor Warren Photography in 2009, and it is our passion to know your story, share your goals, and be there for you every step of the way. We are also internationally published, award-winning, and national speakers in the realm of wedding photography.
In our years as wedding photographers, we have found that weddings are the most amazing get-together you will ever experience in life. It’s a time when family and friends travel to see you and you get to experience a room full of people all rooting for you. There are thousands of moments occurring throughout the day, and capturing those moments is the greatest gift. I never recognized just how important the candid moments are until I lost my grandfather, and the only images I have of him to this day are the ones captured on our wedding day. What I wouldn’t give to have the ability to go back in time and find a photographer dedicated to capturing more of the candid moments he and others experienced on that day, as these memories are truly priceless. Wedding photography is the only area that lives with you well beyond your wedding day, and we are committed to telling your story in a way that can live on for generations to come.
We look forward to hearing more about you, and seeing what we can do to make your day incredible! Feel free to call/text or email anytime, and we would love to help!
-Tabor & Emily

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