There’s something about the way moving pictures blend with music… the way the sight of your fiance’s tears and the sound of your bridesmaids’ laughter take you back to one of the most important days in your life… this is why we make wedding films. This is what we love.

We don’t define the kinds of weddings we want to shoot by budget or style… glamorous vs. rustic, luxury vs. DIY, ballroom bash vs. destination elopement. At PenWeddings, the kind of work we want to produce is based on personality and emotion. We work with couples who are excited to tell their story, and people who are deliriously happy and full of love and life.

Just like you, your wedding is more than the sum of its parts. Check out some of our films to see why we love getting to know our couples on a personal level.

We are animal lovers, huggers, aspiring foodies, storytellers, recovering journalists, movie lovers, antiquers, and international award-winning wedding filmmakers living the conflicted life of homebodies who love to travel. Oklahoma based, but will travel worldwide to tell your story.

Widely regarded as the best storytellers in the industry, we’ve also started teaching. Believe us, the thought makes us blush, but we’ll accept the compliment with happy hearts. Filmmakers interested in our mentoring, video workshops, and the Wedding Film Retreat can learn more at

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