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Featured Vendor | The French Bouquet


Today I sat down with Anne Marie Foy of the French Bouquet to discuss all things floral. She gladly offered some valuable insight and expert advice for brides to consider regarding floral design trends and the D.I.Y. approach verses hiring a professional wedding florist for their special event.

Here is what she had to say:

Q. How do you respond to the current, popular trend of oversized bouquets with lots of greenery that we are seeing lately in weddings?

A. “I would prefer to see smaller bouquets again, personally. I feel like this trend is a tired mix of the “80’s” meets Ikebana. I would prefer to complement the brides’ gowns rather than hide them with humongous floral pieces. I hope to redirect this overdone trend by offering D.I.Y. design classes to interested brides.”

Q. What direction would you personally like to go with new trends?

A. “I would really like to see design ideas evolve and become more out of the box than what our brides are currently seeing on Pinterest. I can actually offer several different design styles. I am often considered the master of white weddings but, I can offer so much more variety than what I have done in the past. I want to encourage brides to stop conforming to what other brides are doing by being bold and embracing their true personality. I have 15 years of experience, a huge design space, several talented staff members and we are ready to step up to the challenge with the services we have to offer.”

Q. What do you feel is most important for a bride to expect when booking with a florist?

A. “Gained trust in our knowledge and experience with product and design as well trust in our abilities. Brides should trust in experienced florists to give them the best options in designs and products. Secondly, connection is very important. Brides need to be excited about our ideas as floral designers and we want them to actually feel the enthusiasm and passion in what we do.”

Q. What to you say to brides who are considering DIY with their own bouquets?

A. “Of course, I love to do weddings myself, but I am in the process of starting up workshops soon to educate brides on how to make pretty bouquets on their own. I am very excited and passionate to share my knowledge with brides who prefer to do their own flowers. My goal is to provide with them a more personal tutorial experience in achieving a D.I.Y. approach.”

If you have more questions for Anne Marie and her staff, send them an email today! They look forward to visiting with you! Email: By Phone:  918-747-6750