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Featured Vendor | Reverend Jay Howell

Hiring a wedding officiant?

Talking today with Reverend Jay Howell, a licensed ordained minister specializing in custom wedding ceremony design. Rev-Jay (the nickname we lovingly refer to our favorite spirited officiant) brings an unforgettable presence as a coveted member of The Tulsa Wedding Society.

Today I sat down to chat with Rev-Jay to ask him a few questions about his role in current nuptial trends and how he guides brides & grooms through a custom planning experience. See what he has to say about the planning process.

Q: Do you think there has been a shift in the need for wedding officiant services?

A: The longer I have been in this business, the more I see the need for my services. More and more people are growing up with different beliefs and concepts than their parents’ conceptualized wedding traditions.

Q: What is your role in working with brides & grooms?

A: My role is to help them balance their family traditions and expectations with their ceremony desires in an effort to accommodate both families.

Q: How long do you spend counseling with clients?

A: I ask a lot of questions that each party may not have considered and go over several scenarios to avoid stepping on toes, while paying homage to their cultural backgrounds, identities, or possible variations in religious tones. My goal is customize a ceremony that is meaningful to each client’s need. We remain in contact throughout the entire planning process.

Q: Do you design all types of religious and non-religious ceremonies?

A. Yes, I have several resources at my disposal to suit the needs of all clients. I start with their needs and build from that platform. I offer variations and mixtures of: Traditional, Non-Traditional, Unique concepts, Multi-faith, LGBTQ welcoming, Secular & Humanistic.

Q. What is the most popular trend in nuptials?

A. Less is more. But we design them together as a team, specifically I emphasize the audience’s perspective. By removing the fluff and focusing on the celebration of the couple, I often prefer to create an environment where everyone including is engaged in a participatory way.

Q. Any additional words of advice?

A. Investing energy into designing your ceremony results in a difference between a forgetful sermon for your guests verses a memorable, engaging experience for all.


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