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Tips and Tricks | Wedding Budget

What better person to get advice regarding your wedding day budget than Sharon Holm with Tulsa Weddings & Design? She has over 10 years of experience and prides herself on the ability to understand her clients, identifying their specific needs and goals, and deliver a luxurious event in a professional and stylish manner. See what she has to say about budgeting below!

No matter what your wedding budget is, odds are it’s more than you’ll ever spend on a single event or party and we all want to make every cent count, right? You can ask nearly anyone in the event industry and they will tell you that just because you spent $20K there is no guarantee your event will look elegant, cohesive or have any personality or style. By now most brides’ glam squads, Mothers and MILs all have Pinterest boards of what YOUR wedding should look like. But the real question is, “how do I add VALUE?” Celebrities know! They almost all hire a stylist to dress them for any red carpet event. You would also hire an interior decorator or designer if you wanted to make your dream home look amazing. Again, it’s about adding value to an event and not just dollars.

Here’s the secret to making the most of your budget. Take this quiz with your partner and rate the following in order of importance (1 being the most important to you and 10 being the least).




___Aesthetics/Appearance (flowers, decorations, centerpieces, ambiance)





___Family and Friends Attending

___ Invitations/Save the Dates

Now you can determine how to allocate your budget based on your priorities as individuals and as a couple.

Here are a few examples of adding value to your event.

• Repurpose your bridesmaids bouquets as centerpieces, decor in the ladies room or the bar area to add a punch of color.

• Use a numbering system on your RSVP cards to track your guests list and to reduce over-purchasing of catering items.

• Open your buffet early. No one likes “hangry” guests!

• Keep your guests happy and be courteous of their time. Trust me, happy guests add the most value to your event. Why purchase all the food, beverage, and décor for an empty room?

• Think about having a morning ceremony and reception (serving a brunch). Your guest will LOVE IT!

• Always ask the venue what other events are being planned before and after your event. Lighting, staging or draping from previous events may allow you to potentially “share” the cost for the weekend.

• Ask all your vendors for insight and tips. They are the experts and want your event to be successful as much as you do.

• Instead of a formal sit-down dinner or standard buffet, opt for a watch-while-they-cook “action station”. This is fun for all ages.

• Two words to remember – House Wine and House Beer – you will thank me later!

• Choose crowd-pleasing classic cake flavors for your desserts.

• How can we forget your entertainment for the evening? This will make or break your evening.

• Lastly, hire a Day of Coordinator to keep you on task, on time and at peace with your wedding party and vendors. Please use caution when asking your friends and family members to handle all the details of your wedding day. It’s easy for them to get distracted visiting with your guests and forget about your timeline. Its difficult for someone outside the wedding industry to see the full scope of an event.

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