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Redefining the “Perfect Wedding”… by Sharon Holm of Tulsa Weddings & Design

ImagesAsking for and expecting perfect, brings undue amounts of stress and we all know STRESS is a BEAUTY KILLER!  Look at the faces of those “Bridezillas”, who expected perfect on their wedding.  They will have to endure the results with images of their tired, sad, and mad faces when they could have been joyous and glowing, knowing their day was not about “perfect”, but about “happiness”.

I never use the term “Perfect Wedding” in any conversation with my clients.  If you tell me that is what you want, truthfully I may not be the wedding planner you are looking for.  I am a very accomplished wedding planning professional but cannot and will not promise you a “Perfect Wedding”.

But, I will promise you this.  If you allow yourself to relax, trust in yourself, in the tasteful details you choose and wedding professionals you hired (with guidance from your wedding planner), you will find it much more enjoyable to go through the entire wedding journey, the wedding itself, and when the new life together with your spouse begins.

And down the road, those little unplanned, spontaneous, and surprise moments of your wedding day; the ones that made you laugh and cry and smile, are what you will always remember and cherish as being “Perfect”!

Embrace today with Love, Life, and Style…

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