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Vendor Spotlight: Faccia Bella

Article by: April with Faccia Bella
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Although wedding day make-up should be heavier than you normally wear, keep in mind it should enhance your natural beauty, not cover you up!
The main reason for this is your photos, which have a tendency to make us look washed out. My photography makeup instructor emphasized this point, from the start.

For the appearance of flawless skin, our airbrush product is a must-have.
It goes on as a mist, by letting each layer dry in between, so I can build a flawless look. Its oil free, paraben free and will last at least 24 hours (if you don’t wash it off).

Current trends: This season I am seeing an updated vintage look. Think Marilyn Monroe but softer; smudged liner instead of heavy liquid and red lips. Not a fan of red lips? Not to worry, corals and fun spring pinks are also in, as is purple eyeshadow (perfect for brides with green or brown eyes).

Photos: Storybook Wedding Photography

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